Firefox Extension

Integrate into Mozilla Firefox with the extension:

install v1.0.2 now » (Firefox 1.0+ or newer required)

If you see this message at the top of the page, click "Edit Options", "Allow", "Close" and click the install link again.

After installing please restart Firefox, you should then see the successful installation page as an indication that you can use your new extension.

"Condense this page" button

As you browse the web click this button at anytime to condense the URL of the page you are currently on.

Right-Click Option

Right-clicking anywhere on a web page will bring up the Firefox context menu and you can also condense the URL of the current page from here. Right-clicking on any link on the page will allow you to condense that particular link instead.

Key Bindings

For ease of use you can condense the URL of the current page by pressing ctrl+shift+c (apple+shift+c for a Mac) on your keyboard.