Condensing URLs

condense.it is a free service that creates easy to remember, short links that do not break up when you e-mail them. You can edit where the link points, add a password and check how many people have used your link since you created it. Best of all your link will never expire.

All you need to do is copy the complete URL into the URL field and condense.it!

Making it Easier to Remember

Choose your own identifier/alias to create a condensed URL that is meaningful to you and therefore easier to remember. All you need to do is enter your choice into the Alias field and condense.it.

Keep it Secure

If you want to restrict access to the final destination of your condensed link simply add an Access Password when you condense.it. We use one way encryption to store this password so if you forget what it is we are unable to remind you. However, there is no limit to the amount of condensed URLs you can create so simply create a new condensed URL with a new password.

Share it with your Friends

URLs can be emailed directly from condense.it to your friends. Don't forget to tell your friends the Access Password if you created one.

Editing Condensed URLs

condense.it URLs can be changed to point to a new URL as long as you create an Edit Password when you condense.it. So you can give out one URL to your friends, and change the destination week by week to point to new content. Your condensed URL is yours to edit as you wish giving you ultimate flexibility.

Check URL Destination

If you've been sent a condensed URL and want to check the destination before going to it, or you just want to check that your link points to the right place, you can use the Check URL functionality to reveal the destination URL without going to it.

Usage Statistics

Every time someone uses your link we record a hit against it. You can see how many hits your link has had by entering your Alias into the URL Statistics page.

Transparent URL

When you create a condensed URL you can access all of the original URL files and resources from your new condensed one.

For example if you have a site hosted at http://www.reallylongnameforanisp.co.uk/users/sites/~username/ you can create a condensed URL to point to it such as http://condense.it/1/.

Once you've done that you can use your new condensed URL for all further resources on your site. This means that you can reach http://www.reallylongnameforanisp.co.uk/users/sites/~username/photos/ or http://www.reallylongnameforanisp.co.uk/users/sites/~username/photos/photo.jpg using http://condense.it/1/photos or http://condense.it/1/photos/photo.jpg.

Using this method allows you to forward all requests onto the right destination under your condensed URL.